17.November - 2015

Building Effective Resistance Against the TPP Workshop

Building Effective Resistance Against the TPP Workshop
November 17, 2015
Quezon City, Philippines
Asia- Pacific Resource Network (APRN) and Asia-Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM) - among others- invite you to take part in a workshop series in building activism against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

The workshop will be held at the 3rd International Festival for People’s Rights and Struggles (IFPRS). The IFPRS will be gathering workers, peasants, women, indigenous peoples, migrants, artists and cultural workers, youth and many other sectors and communities from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America in the Philippines. It is a space for peoples to share and learn from each other about new and longstanding threats to people’s individual and collective rights. It is an occasion to draw lessons from and celebrate the victories of people’s struggles to claim and assert their rights.

This is an open event but would require participants to register by Sunday, 8 November 2015. 

For more information, visit:

10.-13. October - 2015

Churches Witnessing With Migrants - Istanbul

An Invitation and a Challenge from the Churches Witnessing With Migrants (CWWM)

The Churches Witnessing with Migrants (CWWM) is an international platform for advocacy and forthright action, and composed of migrants, advocates and church and ecumenical institutions. Its Sixth International Consultation in Istanbul (10.-13. October 2015) presents an opportunity and challenge to address global migration and its devastating expressions especially massive displacement of peoples, like those happening across the Mediterranean straits, as well as human trafficking.  For more information, contact Mervin Toquero:

20.-27. September - 2015

World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel

The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches invites member churches, faith-based communities, and civil society organizations around the world to join together in 2015 for a week of advocacy and action in support of an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine and a just peace for all in Palestine and Israel. Congregations and individuals around the globe who share the hope of justice shall unite during the week to take peaceful actions, together, to create a common international public witness.

The theme of the week in 2015, to be observed during 20-27 September, is: "Walls will Fall"

More information on World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel can be found at, or at the Norwegian webpage:

21.-26. September - 2015

Latin American Training in Nonviolent Action and Fear

The Latin American Antimilitarist Network will coordinate a 5-day advanced training in "Nonviolent Action and Fear" in Mexico City, Mexico.

The training will seek to apply the principles of nonviolent action to contexts with high levels of violence, such as we currently find in Mexico. A particular emphasis will be given to dealing with issues of fear and security when preparing and taking nonviolent action.

For more information, contact Igor Seke at

24.September - 2015

Film Launch: System Change Not Climate Change

The Norwegian Social Forum will launch its new informational film, "System Change Not Climate Change," on 24. September 2015.   The film features (among others) Marjorie Pamintuan of Karibu partner Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN).  

The film will be texted in both Norwegian and English, and will lift up issues related to climate justice and the global trade regime.

Below is a teaser of the film:

For more information, visit:  (in Norwegian).

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