12 Jan - 2012

Karibu Board Meeting
in Oslo

December 4-10 - 2011

Kairos for Global Justice Encounter

Bethlehem, Palestine.  Check back for more info soon, or visit

November 28 - December 10 - 2011

COP 17
UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 17).  Durban, South Africa.

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November 1-28 - 2011

African Youth Climate Justice Caravan
The African Youth Climate Justice Caravan will bring together over 100 young environmentalists and climate change advocates and will start in Nairobi, Kenya, traversing through Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho,Swaziland and finally into South Africa by road then back again at the end of COP 17.

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November 18-22 - 2011

South Asia Social Forum

"Democracy for Social Transformation in South Asia: Participation, Equity, Justice and Peace".

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The goal of the forum is to create a New South Asia free from poverty and hunger caused by exploitation, deprivation, discrimination and oppression, and establish a common humanity based on equality, freedom and justice. The present context of South Asia is characterized by the crises manifested in the form of militarism, communal and ethnic conflicts, exclusion and ecological disasters caused by corporate domination and neo-liberal atrocities. Thus the role of the SASF is perceived as to counter the unjust and hegemonic neo-liberal development policies by mobilizing the South Asian social movements into a common platform against hegemonic globalization, political and social conflicts and to create an open space to exchange ideas of each other and build strategies for action.

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