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Struggling in Jerusalem: Sahar Vardi's Story

New #IDefendRights platform launched

Hear the personal story of Sahar Vardi (From Karibu's partner networks SEDQ, a global Jewish network; and Imbala, a group of Jerusalem activists and artists), and her decision to become a human rights defender, on the new "I Defend Rights" platform.

15 years since the War in Iraq

Event series in Oslo with the Iraqi Social Forum, 14.-22. February 2018

A delegation from Karibu-partner the Iraqi Social Forum (ISF) will visit Oslo in February for a series of events to commemorate the 15 Year Anniversary of the Iraq War.   Below you will fine more information about the events taking place across the city. 

Youth for eco justice and peace

Reflections from gathering in Colombia

Under the motto “Youth for Eco-Justice and Peace: The Challenge We Accept”, a group of 27 young people from Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia met in for a meeting in Barranquilla, Colombia in August this year. The group met to discuss context analysis, economy and ecology from the perspective of justice, equality and peace construction. The goal was to enable the group to strengthen its work of ecology, economy and ecumenism and to interlink this with the peace processes in the region. Read more about their conclusions and reflections below!

Building a People's Internet in Latin America

Voices from the South: December 2017

Executive director in The Latin American Information Agency (ALAI) Sally Burch, reflects on how the major international digital corporations are controlling more and more of our daily lives, changing the power structures in society and challenging our right to privacy. ALAI calls for citizens to stand up and demand that norms and limits have to be in place to ensure that the new technologies operate in the public interest. Building on this, ALAI co-lead an initiative to build a “people’s internet” in Latin America. The initiative and findings in the project is presented in the article.

The article is also especially important this month as the World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold their biannual ministerial conference in Argentina, starting December 10th. Here, topics of technology and e-commerce are thought to be a major focus. If some of the suggestions are implemented it could potentially have devastating effects on developing countries’ own e-commerce sector.

No to war, no to economic sanctions - the only solution is dialogue

Voices from the South, November 2017

In this edition of Voices from the South, we share the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative’s call for dialogue and peace in response to the tensions and conflict that followed the Referendum of the Kurdistan Region in September. The call intends to offer a means to advance dialogue and is not meant to endorse or oppose any side of the current conflict in the region and can be read in full below. The Karibu Foundation supports the call, and encourage other civil society groups, organizations or trade unions to add their name to it.

Creating change through women's cooperatives

Voices from the South, October 2017

In this month’s Voices from the south, we meet the South African organization Ecumenical Service for Social-Economic Transformation (Esset). Esset is an independent ecumenical organization working for gender equality and women’s empowerment, with a special focus on socio-economic challenges. They promote the formation of economic and social cooperatives for women. These cooperatives can help create spaces for investments and income generation for women in marginalized communities, and challenge the structures in society that oppress women.

In 2016 Esset published the booklet, “Situation the role of patriarchy in sexual violence – the stories of black women”, as a way of creating a platform for black working class women where they can tell their own stories of violence. The booklet, start with a powerful poem by the late Fezeka Kuzwayo who in 2006 made headlines when she accused then deputy president, and former comrade of her father, Jacob Zuma of rape. The poem is a powerful call for justice and equality for women in South Africa, and can highlight why the work of Esset and others are so important. You can read the poem at the end of the newsletter.

A call from Christians in Palestine

Voices from the South, August 2017

In this month’s edition of “Voices from the South”, we share with you a contribution from the National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine (NCCOP). The NCCOP is formed as a national coordination network between a variety of Christian institutions and organizations in Palestine (see the list of partners on pg. 3).

In June 2017 the NCCOP issued an open letter to the World Council of Churches (WCC) urging them, the global ecumenical movement and churches to not forget the Palestinian struggle. In the letter they call for the global ecumenical community to recognize Israel as an apartheid state; to support the global non-violent BDS-movement; and for church leaders and pilgrims to visit Palestine as solidarity witnesses for justice and peace. The letter is published in full, below.

Migration in Africa in the context of climate change and terrorism

Voices from the South - June/July

In May 2017, participants from eight African countries gathered at a regional Churches Witnessing with Migrants (CWWM) consultation held in Nairobi, Kenya.   The consultation was arranged by the National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda-NAWOU and Council for Anglican Provinces in Africa-CAPA, and aimed to paint a factual picture of migration trends on the African continent.  Although Africans were popularly portrayed desperately fleeing the continent in droves, and dying in deserts and at sea trying to get to Europe, the actual fact is that there is more migration within the continent than out of it.  There are already regional solutions occurring to address the root causes of migration.    

In this month’s “Voices from the South,” we hear from Monica Emiru Enyou, Executive Director of NAWOU, about some of the solutions and alternatives that are already occurring on the African continent, and their plans for a platform for a coordinated response on migration and trafficking in the region.

Rojava: An experiment for a future democratic and peaceful Syria?

Voices from the South, March/April 2017

Since their declaration of their autonomy in 2014, the inhabitants of Rojava in Northern Syria (primarily Kurds, along with Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and Yezidis living in the area) are in the process of building a society based on gender equality, economic cooperation, and grassroots based direct democracy.  In this month’s “Voices from the South”, Ms. Sinam Mohammed, Foreign Representative for the Democratic Self-Rule Administration of Rojava, details this democratic society movement that is unfolding in northern Syria - a movement that consists of 50% female and 50% male leadership.

Different but same-same?

Movement building in times of right-wing populism

Tetet Nera-Lauron of IBON International in the Philippines reflects on the question of how social movements and peoples’ organizations can build power in times of a wave of far-right populism, a populism that is marked with protectionist governments and rhetoric, blatant xenophobia, sexism and discrimination, and power remaining in the hands of the wealthy elite and corporations.  Tetet explores the question of whether this wave of populism is new at all, or if it is the same tendencies of power and distribution the world has seen for decades with a different packaging.   She also explores the question of how we confront these challenges whilst holding onto our vision of long term systemic economic and political change. Tetet will speak on this theme at the upcoming conference of the EDGE Funders Alliance, “Reorganizing Power for System Change”, which will be held in Barcelona in April 2017.

Palestinian Christians:

A presence of hope and action

Each week, Al Quds Newspaper (the largest circulation daily newspaper in the Palestinian territories), publishes a column that is authored by Kairos Palestine.   The column, “A Moment of Truth,” is named after the Palestinian Kairos Document that was published in 2009. 

In December 2016, Rifat Kassis (former coordinator for Kairos Palestine, and current member of the coordination group) was published in an article entitled “The Future of Christians in Palestine: Presence rather than Existence.”  In this month’s “Voices from the South,” we present an adapted article that was based on Rifat’s original Arabic piece.  Rifat discusses three theological elements that are crucial to understanding how Christians in the region have managed to preserve their existence and role in their societies.

From Subject to Citizen

Follow-up interview with young Ghanaian leader

Last summer, Karibu spoke with then-28 year old Cedric Dzelu from Ghana about his participation in the African Alliance of YMCA's Subject to Citizen (S2C) program.  The S2C program aims to move youth to a state of citizenship where they are able to identify the root causes of problems in their own societies, and to make positive change at various levels of decision-making.  Karibu speaks to Cedric again, a year later, to hear about his experiences in the program and the role of young people in making change in Africa.

Grants shared in 2015

The Karibu Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and networks in Latin America, Asia, and Africa (and in some occasions global networks) that provide alternatives to the dominant paradigms of power, distribution, and development.  Karibu has contributed to the following partners and projects in 2015:

Global Civil Society letter on the Nairobi WTO Ministerial

OWINFS issues a joint letter leading up to the Nairobi meetings, Dec 15.-18.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) begins its ministerial meetings in Nairobi this week, to discuss the future of the current global multilateral trade system.   Karibu partner Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) has issued a joint letter with 460 organizational signatories on the meeting, with the demands from civil society

Will free trade deals affect the climate talks in Paris?

Breakfast seminar in Oslo, Nov 26th from 09:00-12:00

Karibu, Norway Social Forum, Changemaker and the Norwegian Trade Campaign will host a breakfast seminar on the theme of climate justice and trade issues on Thursday, November 26th at Eldorado Bookstore in Oslo.   Karibu partner Marjorie Pamintuan (APRN) and board member Heidi Lundeberg will be speaking.  More information below.  

Forced Migration: Pain and Tragedy, Challenges and Responsibilities

Statement from the CWWM Istanbul Consultation

Faith-based institutions, migrants, and representatives of migrant-serving organizations from around the world met at the sixth international consultation of the "Churches Witnessing with Migrants" platform in Istanbul, Turkey, on 10-11 October 2015. Below is the statement from the consultation.

Iraqi Social Forum on Coexistence and Civil Peace begins in Baghdad

Invitation to live skype conversation with Baghdad on October 3rd

A thematic Iraqi Social Forum on Coexistence and Civil Peace has begun by Iraqi civil society organizations, taking place in Baghdad (in Abu Nawas Gardens, on the Tigris River) from the 1st to the 3rd of October 2015. A live skype conversation with Baghdad will take place in Oslo on Saturday, 3rd October.

Letter to the President of Colombia

Karibu endorses joint letter on the peace process in Colombia

On the occasion of Juan Manuel Santos Calderón's, President of Colombia, visit to Norway, the Norwegian Colombian Forum issues a letter to the president related to the peace process between the Colombian Government and the FARC.   More information (in Spanish and Norwegian) is found below.

Village Under the Forest - 2-årsjublieum

Få en gratis kopi av DVDen (med norsk tekst)

10.juni 2015 er det 2 år siden verdenspremieren for den sørafrikanske filmen "The Village Under The Forest".  For å feire 2-års jubileet, vil vi gjerne sende deg en gratis kopi av DVDen (med norsk tekst), samt et nylig utviklet samtaleopplegg til filmen. Opplegget er laget av filmskaperne, og tilrettelagt i norsk oversettelse. Klikk for mer informasjon... 

Press Release: Alternativer til ekstremisme er mulig

Titusenvis av aktivister samles i Tunisia få dager etter terrorhandlingen

Presse release (found in Norwegian only): Terrorhandlingene i Tunisia onsdag (18.03) er et forsøk på å undergrave demokratiprosessen i Tunisia og i regionen.   Massiv deltagelse på Verdens Sosiale Forum er viktigere enn noensinne. Mobilisering av fredelige og demokratiske krefter er den eneste riktige responsen til terroren, for å kjempe for en fri og mer rettferdig verden, sier Abderrahmane Hedhili, leder i VSFs lokale koordineringskomiteen i Tunis.

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