Democratization and good governance

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The Franc Zone of Western and Central Africa: A Symbol of French Neo-Colonialism
Safeguarding human rights, life, and dignity: ending the culture of impunity
Statement of the 22nd National Assembly of the Ecumenical Bishops Forum
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The Struggle for Informal Traders Continues in Southern Africa
Cradle of Civilization at Risk of Desertification
Filipino Church Leaders Meet with UN Human Rights Council
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with police brutality on informal traders
Voices from the South
Video: Kairos Southern Africa's Letter to the ANC

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Association for Research and Cooperation in Support of Endogenous Development (ARCADE)

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Mr. Demba Moussa Dembele
Prof. Lilia Solano

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Identity Diversity and Dialogue - International Event
National Consultation on Ecological Debt: A Perspective for the Philippines
YMCA South Africa National Assembly
Iraqi Social Forum