17 - 21 September - 2012

International Conference on Fisheries and Globalization

Organisations of small-scale fisherfolk and their advocates troop to
Aklan City in the Philippines this November for an International
Conference on Fisheries and Globalization.

The international fisherfolk conference is a two-day knowledge and
advocacy gathering of fisherfolk groups, support civil society
organizations (CSOs), academic and other institutions for the
development of sustainable alternatives in the face of globalization. 
These alternatives, which will be in the form of policy recommendations
and campaign platforms, will be based on the presentation of
research-based information and grassroots experiences of various
stakeholders on the impact of neo-liberal policies especially on
small-scale fisheries since the approval of the General Agreements on
Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the eventual establishment of the World
Trade Organization (WTO). The activity shall likewise serve as a
springboard for the possible formation of a coordinative group for the
research and education on issues, and the mobilization of campaigns and
struggles of fisherfolk at the international level.

The conference themes will cover: Trends and Analysis on the Global
Fisheries Situation; Impact of Trade and Investment in Fisheries and
Related Recommendations;  Impact of Climate Change and Related
Recommendations;  Impact of Privatization (including coastal settlement)
and Related Recommendations; and Summary Recommendations on Issues and Concerns of the Fisheries Sector.  These will be presented through a panel type format composed of advocates, experts and members of grassroots organizations and simultaneous workshop sessions will be
conducted for each topic.

Relevant member organisations who would be interested in attending can contact PCFS, a partner organization to IBON International, for further information:

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