3 - 4 October - 2013

High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development

The UN General Assembly is holding the second High Level Dialogue
(HLD) on International Migration and Development at the UN headquarters
in New York in October 2013. As roundly emphasized by participants
during the Global Forum in 2011, civil society is looking towards the
HLD for the potential it has to effect important change in the current
international framework regarding migration and development.

In its recommendations at the 2011 GFMD, civil society called for
urgently need international migration governance and for further
reflections upon the possibility of integrating the GFMD within a
rights-based, accountable and transparent framework with more binding
engagements. Civil society is committed to put forward perspectives, if
not potential models for future governance in preparation to the HLD
2013. In this direction, civil society is looking at forming a working
group attached to the GFMD. More information will follow shortly

On 9 February 2012, John K. Bingham, ICMC’s head
of policy and GFMD civil society coordinator, spoke at the Tenth
Coordination Meeting on International Migration organized at UN
headquarters by UNDESA*. He outlined the need for civil society and
governments to “Fix, Focus and Reach” to achieve the goals set out by
the first HLD in 2006 and beyond. He described the three greatest
dangers on the path towards this second HLD in 2013:

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