1 - 2 November - 2013

The Oslo Conference on Palestine

The Oslo Conference on Palestine 2013 will focus on the four following axes of thought:

-  The regional and international context that brought about the Oslo Accords of 1993 including the special role of Norway as a facilitator of the secret negotiatons.

-  The implementation on the ground of the articles stated in the Oslo Accords and what has been accomplished concerning issues that are vital to the Palestinian people, such as the Palestinians’ right of return, Jerusalem, Israeli population settlements, security and borders matters.

-  Consequences and impact of the Oslo Accords on the Palestinian people’s struggle for their historical and political rights, as well as the political and social situation as it prevails today in the region.

-  The future prospect of a 2-states solution – a Palestinian and Israeli state side by side - and other alternatives for a just peaceful solution based on international law and in accordance with UN-resolutions.

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