13 - 18 January - 2014

International Conf. on the US Intervention in the Affairs of Sovereign Nations

The Ecumenical Bishops Forum, a fellowship of Bishops from the Roman Catholic, non-Roman Catholic and Protestant churches, will be holding an International Conference on US Intervention in the Affairs of Sovereign Nations: Ecumenical-Theological Perspectives. To be participated in by Bishops
and heads of churches, this conference will be held on January 13-18, 2014 in Davao City, the Philippines.

The specific objectives of this conference follow:

1. To share experiences of peopleís sufferings whose nations are victims of US intervention, aggression and hegemonic wars
2. To share the roles being played by the governments of the countries in relation to US intervention
3. To share peopleís responses, organized or otherwise, to US intervention in their countries
4. To share the responses of the churches in the countries concerned
5. To discuss and agree on possible doable program of action which churches and church leaders can adopt in obedience to Godís will
6. To come up with a Conference Unity Statement

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