Centro de Estudios Internacionales (CEI)

Managua - Nicaragua

Phone: (+505)2785413
Fax: (+505)2670517

Organisational Profile
Centro de Estudios Internacionales (CEI) is working with Development & Poverty Alleviation, Neo-Liberal Globalization, Gender, Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation, Democratization & Good Governance, Latin America


Apartado 1747


Ms. Zoilamérica Narváez - Director

Mission statement

Our mission is to work for Peace and Justice on the local, national and international levels.

We consider the work for economical and social Justice as a process of social transformation, based on the expansion of the knowledge about the global economical system, and reinforced by education and action for Peace.

We prioritize the work with social movements in all levels to show the road and use their strenght to build non-violent alternative ways to change the ruling system that creats violence and exclusion.

Our purpose of work is orientated for capacity building, understanding and hope in the service of community and the poorest areas and marginalized victimes of direct, cultural and structural violence.

Special focus

Building alternatives


- Communautarian schools for Peace
- Network to promote Peace
- Communautarial monitoring of conflicts

- External and Internal Debt
- Free trade

Resource persons
Zoilamérica Narváez Ortega

Resource documents
Tourism and Globalization - the impact of Norwegian tourism on global peace and justice

Associated Calender Events
Karibu Seminar: Tourism and Globalization

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