IBON Foundation, Inc.

Quezon City - Philippines

Phone: (+632)9277060 to 62
Fax: (+632)9292496

Organisational Profile
IBON Foundation, Inc. is working with Development & Poverty Alleviation, Neo-Liberal Globalization, Environnment & Climate, Democratization & Good Governance, Migration, South Asia


IBON Center
114 Timog Avenue
Quezon City 1103


Ms. Jazminda Lumang - Executive Director
Mr. Antonio A. Tujan, Jr. - International Director
Ms. Rosario Bella Guzman - Executive Director

Mission statement

IBON is a non-stock, non-profit development institution committed to serve the Filipino people, and marginalized sectors and grassroots movements in Philippines and the world through various programs in research-education-information.

IBON commits itselfs:
- to promote a new understanding of sicio-economic issues
- to explore alternative systems, social structures, economic programs and development paradigms that best serve the interests and aspirations of the Filipino people
- to bring this knowledge and information to the greatest number so that they may effectively participate in creating a free, democratic and progressive Philippines

Special focus

IBON is focused on socio-economic concerns. Through its researches and incisive analysis of socioeconomic issues, IBON imparts knowledge to the marginalized sectors and grassroots movements to empower them for democratic action.


- International network development (including hosting regional and global networks)
- Advocacy and capacity development in various thematic areas, such as people's governance, food sovereignty, migrants, aid affectiveness, CSO effectiveness, climate change and water.
- Advocacy in international people's campaigns and struggles
- Service support (branches management and development).

Resource persons
Jazminda L. Buncan
Antonio A.Tujan Jr.
Jose Enrique Africa

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