Peace for Life

Quezon City - Philippines

Phone: (+632)9278043
Fax: (+632)9267076

Organisational Profile
Peace for Life is working with Theology, Neo-Liberal Globalization, Ecumenism & Interfaith, War on Terror & Militarization, Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation, South Asia


2/f Bishop La Verne Mercado
Ecumenical Center
NCCP Compound
879 EDSA
West Triangle
Quezon City 1104


Rev. Eunice Santana (Puerto Rico) - Moderator
Prof. Farid Esack (South Africa) - Co-Moderator
Prof. Kim Yong-Bock (South Korea) - Co-Moderator
Ms. Carmencita Karagdag (Philippines) - Coordinator

Mission statement

We will bring faith-based resistance to the struggle against global hegemony and its international and state apparatuses by raising the awareness of people of varying faiths on the evils of war and corporate-dominated globalization and on the imperatives of justice and peace, consolidating these responses into a faith-based movement for change that is grounded on the principles of radical egalitarianism, inclusivity and compassion, and forging diverse local and transnational coalitions that place the poor, the deprived and the marginalised at the centre of our partnerships and advocacies.

Special focus


- People's Forum
- Peace Festival
- Conference of Faith Communities and Social Movements
- Roundtable Forums

- Resource Development
- Action Alerts/Bulletins
- Website and mailing
- Special Consultations
- Pool of Resource Persons

Resource persons
Carmencita Karagdag

Resource documents
Without Fear of Empire: Global Peoples Resistance
Sowing Seeds of Peace in the Era of Empire: Christians in Solidarity with Muslims
Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage and Solidarity Visit to Palestine-Israel
Prospects for Peace and Security in Asia and the Challenge of the Decade to Overcome Violence
Boesak and Karagdag on
UN World Tourism Organization minimizes problems of modern tourism
Towards a World Without Empire

Associated Calender Events
Conference on the Liberating Theology and Counter-Imperial Faith
Public Hearing on the Human and Environmental Costs of Tourism
National Consultation on Ecological Debt: A Perspective for the Philippines

History with Karibu

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