Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)

Quezon City - Philippines

Phone: (+632)9277060 to 63
Fax: (+632)9276981

Organisational Profile
Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) is working with Development and Poverty Alleviation, Neo-Liberal Globalization, War on Terror and Militarization, Human Rights, Environnment and Climate, South Asia


3/F IBON Center
114 Tomog Avenue
Quezon City 1103


Ms. Marjorie Pamintuan - General Secretary

Mission statement

The Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) was established in 1998 with the objective to channel and focus the efforts of NGO research towards supporting the need for information, education and advocacy of grassroots organizations.

Thus, with the goal to develop at least one NGO in each target Asian country that can become a research-information provider by introducing data banking and research as a general service, the APRN was formally established in a conference in 1999. The APRN also set as one of its objectives the identification of common strategies in research-information work and the development of a common research agenda in support of the members' respective social movements.




Resource persons
Maria Theresa Nera-Lauron
Marjorie Pamintuan

Resource documents
Regional Economic Cooperation and Human Rights in Asia
Corporate Power and Peoples Power: Transnational Corporations and Globalization
China and the WTO: Implications and New Challenges of Chinas Accession to the WTO
Asia Pacific Peoples Convention on Food Sovereignty
People and Planet Over Profits: Peoples Sovereignty Over Natural Resources
Jobs and Justice: Globalization, Labor Rights and Workers Resistance
Bandung in the 21st Century: A Challenge for Independence Against Imperialist Globalization and War
Trade Liberalization
Intensifying Working Womens Burdens: The Impact of Globalization on Women Labor in Asia
Effective Strategies in Confronting Transnational Corporations
Neoliberal Subversion of Agrarian Reform
APRN Downloadable Resources
Financing Underdevelopment
APRN Releases Book on Women and War
Rio for People Conference Begins
Rio for the People Declaration
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APRN Conducts Research Conference on Trade and Development
Struggling for Genuine Development Justice
Will free trade deals affect the climate talks in Paris?
'We are not drowning. We are fighting.'

Associated Calender Events
Rio for People Conference
APRN Research Conference on Peoples' Trade Agenda
WTO Ministerial Conference
Film Launch: System Change Not Climate Change
Peoples Climate March
Building Effective Resistance Against the TPP Workshop
Breakfast seminar: System Change Not Climate Change

History with Karibu
APRN and Karibu have been partners since 2003.

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