Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation (ESSET)

Johannesburg, South Africa


Phone: Tel: +2711 833-1190

Fax: fax: +2711 833-1076

Organisational Profile
Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation (ESSET) is working with Human rights, Gender, Ecumenism & Interfaith, Democratization & good governance, Development & poverty alleviation, Neo-liberal globalization


6th Floor, Khotso House
62 Marshall Street
Johannesburg, South Africa

P.O. Box 62098


Mr Rabana Modisane - Director

Mission Statement

To advocate for social and economic justice by supporting the struggles of the marginalised communities.


ESSET is an independent ecumenical organisation based in Johannesburg and working for social and economic justice. Working for socio-economic justice is understood as working for the transformation of socio-economic process, systems and structures so that the quality of life of the poor is enhanced in a sustainable manner. ESSET is an advocacy agency that works through:


ESSET conduct its advocacy work through its three interlinked programmes:

 1. Accompaniment: Accompanying struggles for social and economic justice within communities of themarginalized.

2. Social Mobilisation: Mobilizing the churches, church organisations and other partner organisations to be involved in the struggles; and

3. Strengthening Leadership: Strengthening capacity within communities and churches to enhance and lead advocacy for social and economic justice.

Resource documents
An Alternative and Complementary Model to Capitalism
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with police brutality on informal traders
The Struggle for Informal Traders Continues in Southern Africa
Toward a solidarity economy: The case of informal traders in Southern Africa
Creating change through women's cooperatives

History with Karibu

ESSET and Karibu have had a partnership since 2007.

Last updated 13.02.2013