Jubilee South

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Phone: (+5411)43071867
Fax: (+5411)43615745

Organisational Profile
Jubilee South is working with Development & Poverty Alleviation, Neo-Liberal Globalization, Human Rights, South Asia


Piedras 730
1070 Buenos Aires


Beverly Keene (Dialogo 2000 of Argentina) - International Coordinator

Mission statement

The Jubilee South network aims to and is in the process of emerging and developing as an international South movement on the debt.

Jubilee South believes that the External Debt of countries of the South is immoral and illegitimate.

Jubilee South is committed to the following strategic goals:

Special focus

Developing movements in the South, linking with allies in the North, and shifting the balance of power to achieve basic social changes in countries and in the global system. This involves:

Helping strengthen local and national grass roots-based campaigns, movements and people's initiatives on debt and related issues through:

Forging and strengthening a collective voice of the peoples of the South and providing global expressions to common struggles against debt and domination by:

Build and promote South-North solidarity and cooperation through:

Developing and conducting global campaigns that:


Resource persons
Beverly Keen
Alejandro Bendaņa

Resource documents
Resource and Database on continents and countries
A Just Peace in the Wake of Dictatorship
Highlights from Karibu Seminar on the Limitations of the Global Norths Peace Agenda
The Church's Role in the Age of Terrorism and Economic Globalization

Associated Calender Events
3rd Jubilee South Global Assembly
Week of Global Action Against Debt and IFIs

History with Karibu

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