Alternative Tourism Group (ATG)

Beit Sahour - Palestine

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Organisational Profile
Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) is working with Tourism, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Ecumenism and Interfaith, Human Rights, Palestine


74 Star Street
Beit Sahour

P.O. Box 173


Mr. Rami Kassis - Director

Mission statement

The Alternative Tourism Group operates according to the tenets of justice tourism, that is, tourism that holds as its central goals the creation of economic opportunities for the local community, positive cultural exchange between guest and host through one-on-one interaction, the protection of the environment, and political/historical education.

ATG works to encourage all tourism operators to abandon exploitive mass tourism and to adopt practices that positively affect the host population.

ATG seeks to promote a positive image of Palestine and its people and to contribute to establishment of a just peace in the area.



Advocacy for ethical tourism in Palestine through promoting :

- Pilgrimage For Transformation program (PIFT)

- Alternative tourism trip to Palestine

- Spiritual, Political, Cultural and customized Tours for individuals or groups

- Olive Tree planting or Olive Picking campaigns

- Nativity Trail Route


Olive Tree Planting campaign (Go to ATG website)

Olive Picking campaign (Go to ATG website)

The Nativity Trail Route

Thursday Tours in Hebron and Bethlehem (Go to ATG website)

Resource persons
Rami Kassis
Abu Alzulof Ayman

Resource documents
A Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land
Combating Dispossession
Palästina - Reisehandbuch
Palestina & Palestinos
Palestine & Palestinians
Palestine & Palestiniens
Holy Land Pilgrimages are a Call to Seek Justice
Olive Picking Solidarity Tour Offered
ATG delegation meets UN-WTO officials
"Palestine: Come and See" Booth at Oslo Travel Fair

Associated Calender Events
Board meeting
Olive Picking Campaign 2009

History with Karibu

Karibu has supported ATG in its program “Pilgrimages for Transformation -PIFT”

PIFT aims to to promote peace with justice for the people in the Holy land among churches, social movements and faith based organizations by promoting Pilgrimages for Transformation (Justice tourism) as an alternative to the current practice of mass tourism and pilgrimages within a context of prolonged conflict.

This programme seeks to bring people into the Holy Land as tourists with a difference. Tourists will be oriented as pilgrims on a spiritual journey seeking to be instruments of transformation in the Holy Land.

Pilgrimages for Transformation aim at challenging the perceptions of both pilgrims and local hosts through immersions into the realities of people. In addition to visiting the holy sites and following the footsteps of Jesus, pilgrims will have the opportunity to meet members of local Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities. By listening to their stories, their hopes, aspirations, and fears, pilgrims would hopefully return to their homes as advocates for just peace and reconciliation.

Through this program, ATG together with its partner from the public, private and non-governmental organizations have developed and published a Code of Conduct for Tourism into the Holy Land which aims to support the development of a just and responsible tourism for Palestine. The code calls on tourists to:

And calls on Palestinian tourism stakeholders to:

PIFT is not merely a touristic adventure. It is, rather, one which is spiritual in content. Travellers will learn more about local traditions and heritage and will rediscover, at the same time, their own cultural background. Injustice will only end when we have the wisdom and courage to confront the systems and structures that harm others, even if those systems and structures benefit us.

Last updated 18.09.2012