APRN Releases Book on Women and War

Official Launch in Manila on March 8th; E-Book Available Now

The Asia-Pacific Research Network (APRN) has published a new book entitled "CRISIS AND WOMEN RESISTING WAR," a selection of speeches and research projects presented from the 2010 Biennial Conference of APRN. The full story can be found below ...

Although  women are  mostly at  the  receiving  end  of the Women Resisting Crisis and War negative  impacts  of  neoliberal globalization  and  war, the  reality is that they also  go through various cycles of coping   with,  adapting  to, and  resisting the onslaught of the multiple crises.

There has also been particular erosion of women’s intangible spaces  such  as  the   solidarity  and  community  support, leaving the basic survival weave of women’s lives torn apart by  the  push  of individualistic  value  systems generated by  market-based consumption patterns and policies. 

With shrinking means of subsistence and material returns from livelihood, women’s displacement has included physical dislocation  ranging  from rural-to-rural and rural-to-urban to forced migration. This physical dislocation hides within many other contours of dispossession, emotional distress, physical and sexual abuse, and violence.

For more information, and to download the e-book, visit APRN's website here.


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