Grants Shared in 2012

The Karibu Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and networks in Latin America, Asia, and Africa (and in some occasions global networks) who provide alternatives to the dominant paradigms of power, distribution, and development.

The Karibu Foundation has contributed to the following partners and projects in 2012:

Africa Alliance of YMCAs (AAYMCA) – Subject 2 Citizen Ambassador Leadership Development Programme – Module 2 Trainings

Alternative Tourism Group (ATG) – Pilgrimage for Transformation

Association for Research and Cooperation in Support of Endogenous Development (ARCADE)  – Research and Seminar on Alternative Currencies

Asia Pacific Mission of Migrants (APMM) – Migrants Tribunal and the Road to the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) – APRN Biennial Conference on Rio +20

Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) – Workshop at AWID 12th International Forum

Chinua Achebe Center for African Writers and Artists – Pilgrimages Project Phase Two

Churches in Action for Peace and Development (CAPAD)  – Justice Tourism Advocacy in Nigeria

Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias (CLAI) – Programme for Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia (PEAC), Pilot Phase

Ecumenical Bishops Forum (EBF) – Promotion of Comprehensive Human Rights 2012-2013

Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation (ESSET) – Strengthening the SADC Network of Informal Traders – Justice and Transformation

Grey Matter Media – Documentary Marketing Plan

IBON International – International Conference on Fisheries and Globalization

India Solidarity Ecumenical Network (ISEN) – National Consultation on Justice for Palestine

International Network of Human Rights (INHR) – E-Learning Training System for Maya Youth

Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (ICSSI) – Building the Iraqi Social Forum Process

Justicia y Vida (JyV) – Proposal for Peace and Human Rights

Kairos Palestine – Strategic Programming Process

Kairos Southern Africa – A Word to the ANC; Meeting with African National Congress

Norges kristelige Studentforbund – South Participation at International Seminar on Ecumenical Student Work

Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI) – South Asia School of Human Rights

Various Student Christian Movements - Travel Support for South Participants (WSCF Africa Region, SCM Palestine, SCM India)

Women for Change (WfC) – Restructuring Process 2012-2013

World Council of Churches (WCC) – PIEF Communication Officer

World Council of Churches (WCC) – South and Interfaith Participation at International Conference on Sustainable Alternatives for Poverty Reduction and Ecological Justice

World Council of Churches (WCC) Latin American / Caribbean Section – Empowerment for Diakonia in Central America and the Caribbean

World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fishworkers (WFF) – International Trainings and Advocacy Sessions

World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) – Advocacy and Solidarity Committee Meeting

YMCA Sri Lanka – “The Storm is Over” Book Project

+ Support to secure South voices at various international events and forums

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