Karibu partners to speak at 2014 Globalization Conference

Program and Information for Norwegian Social Forum in Oslo, 30 Oct.-2. Nov.

Coordinated by the Norwegian Social Forum, the Globalization Conference is a meeting place and a forum for collaboration, trade unionists and others involved in the communities in Norway working for a world where concern for people, communities and environment are put in front consideration of economic profit.   Several of Karibus partners, including the Iraqi Social Forum and Beverly Keene of Jubilee South, will be speaking.   More information and the program can be found below.

This year Globalization Conference will be held from October 30 - November 2 2014 Oslo Congress Centre Folkets Hus at Youngstorget. The conference will be looking at discussions around the theme of Freedomwhat brings freedom and what limits it.

Several of Karibu's partners will be speaking and participating throughout the conference, including the following activities:

Open Seminar / Side Event:  The Missing "Peaces" - Challenges to the Global North's Peace Agenda
Thursday, 30 October 9:30-11:30
Location:  House of Litterature (Wergelandsveien 29)
Norway, together with many other nations, is committed to an international peace and development-agenda through a series of approaches, ranging from humanitarian intervention and military support in Iraq, to supporting peace negotiations in Sudan and being a facilitator for peace negotiations in other countries, providing humanitarian assistance in crisis areas, to supporting projects aimed at strengthening the respect for human rights and the development of stronger democracies . In this 'loose alliance' of countries of the global North, Norway is a selfproclaimed “humanitarian superpower” and "peace broker". All this may be good, and often is, but we also hear about the limitations, wrong priorities or unintended consequences of these engagements. In this seminar we want to ask some representatives from different countries and backgrounds of the global South to reflect on how this international peace and development agenda is perceived in the countries it is attempted implemented. What are the limitations and possible harmful sides to this type of engagement? Which areas deserve more attention? What is missing and what should be done differently as seen from their position? Is Norway, together with the other actors of the global North, truly an instrument for peace and development, or does our involvement ultimately serve other purposes or result in other outcomes?

Organizers:  Karibu and the Church of Norway
Speakers: Michel Nseir of the World Council of Churches, Beverly Keene of Jubilee South (Argentina), Kolade Fadahunsi (Kairos Nigeria) and Nadia Al-Baghdady (ISF)

Workshop:  Struggling for another Iraq: Meet the Iraqi Social Forum (V04)
Fridag, 31 October 12:30-14:00

Eleven years after the war in Iraq, Iraqis still struggle to overcome the sectarian challenges created by the occupation. Social movements and civil society joined in the Iraqi Social Forum since 2013, they propose alternatives to build a just and sustainable peace, and to rebuild their country.

Organizers: Karibu, Norwegian Social Forum, Iraqi Social Forum
Speakers: Ismaeel Dawood, Ali Sahib, Afyan Raheem Ali, Nadia Abbas Jabbar, Taif Sabah Nasser, Tyler Dale Hauger.
Languages: Arabic, English

Demonstration / Solidarity Event: A Moment for Freedom in Support of Iraq and Syria 
Saturday, 1 November 13:30 – 14:30

A lasting peace in Iraq and Syria is tied to political change and fundamental democratic structures in society. Freedom is equality. Large differences act as fuel for extremism. The growth of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is caused by among other things large differences within the population.Social movements, labour unions and womens movements are struggling daily for peoples rights, equality, freedom of speech and against discrimiation of minorities, as for instance the Kuridish Society. The ruthless actions of IS are now affecting the kurds in particular.

Extremism is not contained by national borders, and we in Norway have a responsibility to show solidarity with the Iraqi civil society and the kurds in Syria.

Ingrid Aspelund, Norway Social Forum Ismaeel Dawood, Iraqi Social Forum Seher Aydar, Norsk Folkehjelp Kurdisk Ungdom mot Rasisme og Ekstremisme

Plenary:  Forced trade - freedom for whom?
Saturday, 1 November 16.30 - 18.00

The great powers have collaborated In the negotiations about investment and trade agreements, and are now letting the business community decide how the future will look. Big decisions in our economy are beeing negotiated and implemented in secret, without public debate. We are told that the system of international trade gives us freedom of choice, but in reality the system is taking away our freedom to choose our own policies.

Organizers: Norway Social Forum
Speakers: Marc Maes (11.11.11), Beverly Keene (Jubilee South), Heidi Lundeberg (Handelskampanjen/LAG), Hanouneh

Closing Plenary
Sunday, 2 November 14.00 - 16.00

If we are going to win the next struggles for freedom, thinkers must become activists and activists must become thinkers. We have invited Bhaskar Sunkara for a conversation about freedom, and what needs to be done. Activists from norwegian campaigns contribute with the causes we have to fight for now.

Organizer: Norway Social Forum Speaker: Bhaskar Sunkara (Jacobin), Ingrid Rostad (Norsk Folkehjelp Solidaritetsungdom), Helene Bank, Stein Stugu, Anja Bakken Riise, Moddi, Sosialistisk kor., Nadia Al-Baghdady (Iraqi Social Forum)

A presentation of the English-speaking activities can be found here:

The full program (in Norwegian) is located here:

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