Grants shared in 2015

The Karibu Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and networks in Latin America, Asia, and Africa (and in some occasions global networks) that provide alternatives to the dominant paradigms of power, distribution, and development.  Karibu has contributed to the following partners and projects in 2015:

Alternative Tourism Group (ATG)
Bethlehem, Palestine

Support towards continuing efforts for alternative and transformative pilgrimage to the Holy Land, including documentation, research, and advocacy campaigns.   
All Africa Theological Education by Extension Association (AATEEA)
Luksa, Zambia

Support towards building of Pan-African theological network, as well as network building with counterparts in Asia.   

Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN)
Manila, the Philippines

Support for campaign and research connected to the top meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held in the Philippines, including a hearing on the effects of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) on grassroots movements in Asia.

Support to the broadening and enlargement of’s information work related to free trade and investment deals outside of the WTO’s mandate.    

Chimurenga Trust
Cape Town, South Africa

Support towards the Alternative Cartographies project, which consisted of the development of a number of alternative maps of Africa that highlighted the political, economic, and cultural realities on the ground on the continent.   

Ecumenical Bishops Forum (EBF)
Manila, the Philippines
Support towards national and international advocacy and solidarity work for “People’s Sovereignty,” particularly for marginalized grassroots communities.

Eglise Lutherienne Malagasy
Antananarivo, Madagascar
Support towards the translation of book on diaconia in context into the Malagasy language.

International Peace Initiative for Syria

Support towards National Peace Assembly in Syria, as well as documentation of civil society peace efforts, and network building.

Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI)
East Jerusalem, Palestine

Support for youth exchange, training, and advocacy.

Kairos Southern Africa (KSA)
Cape Town, South Africa

Support towards Global South participation at the 30-year anniversary conference of the South Africa Kairos Document.

Latin American and Caribbean Anti-Militarist Network (RAMALC)
Mexico City, Mexico

Support towards a Latin American training in Nonviolent Action and Fear, held in Mexico City.   The training lifted up best practices for non-violent civil resistance in areas marked by high levels of violence.   

National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP)
Manila, the Philippines

Support for “Churches Witnessing with Migrants” consultation, held parallel to the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) in Istanbul, Turkey.    

Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS)

Support for Global South participation at strategic trade-related activities, in particular the WTO Ministerial in Nairobi and mobilization against the in Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) in Latin America.

Peace for Life
Luksa, Zambia

Support towards the conclusion of the internal transformation process.

South African Jews for a Free Palestine
Johannesburg, South Africa

Support towards exchange and solidarity with former residents of the Palestinian village of Lubya.

Swaziland Concerned Church Leaders (SCCL)
Mbabane, Swaziland

Support towards the launching of the Swaziland Kairos Document, related to social, political and economic justice.

World Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

Support for Global South participation in WSCF transition process, including an inter-regional capacity building training and a meeting on advocacy and solidarity.  

World Social Forum Participation

Support to Global South participants to the attend the World Social Forum in Tunis, Tunisia – including participants from Zambia, Brazil, South Africa, Nicaragua, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.

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