A Year at a Glance 2016

Karibu Foundation Annual Report for 2016

"A Year at a Glance” is a small collection of some impressions and glimpses from various programmes and activities organized by partners of the Karibu Foundation in 2016.  Click below to read more.


A word from the Secretariat:

Dear friends,

It feels wrong to reflect on 2016 by expressing hopes, expectations, or visionary words about peace and justice.   Many people around the globe enter the new year with fears, sorrows, and much less confidence that key leaders in the world will move in a just and people-centered direction. With no respect for human life, Aleppo and Syria have been used for a proxy war between regional and global powers.   To rectify some of the weaknesses of its 8 years of service, the Obama administration finally didn’t veto a clear statement on the Israeli occupation in the UN Security Council.  Yet, we all expect the incoming (unpredictable) president will turn U.S. policies on Israel and Palestine to a never before seen acceptation of Israel’s violations of international law.   We also wonder what the future will hold related to migration, response to climate change, respect for UN and global collectiveness, respect for peoples of other faiths and cultures, and more.   We anticipate that we will continue to live in a system that is brutally based on serving the privileges of those already privileged.
Populist right-wing policies, racism, nationalism and exclusiveness seem to grow.   A reactive fear arises, and those victimized by wars, by climate change, by corrupt elites, by neo-liberal plundering of local resources, by lack of opportunities to sustain life, are used as scapegoats.  The “haves” - the global North (wherever it is geographically located) - continue to accumulate wealth, privileges, and live with limitless consumption without any considerations of the cost of life.  There is little reason for talking about hope and expectations.  

And still, when we see the commitment, the profound and comprehensive analysis, the courageous resistance, the repeated energy of promoting political solutions - as it is expressed by so many of Karibu’s partners - we continue to
believe that another world might still be possible.  This world might be sometime ahead of us, and perhaps through even harsher realities for the less privileged before it arrives. But still, we see hope and expectations.  Alive. Visible.  Strong.

The BDS (boycott, divestment, sanction) movement is growing as a nonviolent response to the Israeli occupation and is having impact.  Even if some churches and global ecumenical organizations are weak and fearful, others take bold steps to show coherence between words and deeds.   Grassroots people around the world are exploring alternative democratic governance models and are building civil society platforms to counter despotism and the concentration of power with the elites, like in Rojava in northern Syria or the efforts of our Iraqi partners.  They continue to demand for a globalization based on justice, equal distribution of resources, on the rights of peoples, and the necessity to build sustainable and dignified lives.  It reminds us that the voices of justice can never be stopped.

We see this.  We feel the energy of the mobilization of the people.  We are humbled when we witness the  perseverance of these struggles. 

And we dare start a new year with these hopes, expectations, and visions.

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