Effective Strategies in Confronting Transnational Corporations

Abdul Aziz Choudry

Edited by the Asia-Pacific Research Network


This book was written out of need to conduct more evaluation, reflection, analysis and sharing of experiences, challenges, setbacks and success stories in the fight against transnational corporations.  It discusses how particular campaigns have been waged and specific strategies employed, in order to identify strategies and tactics that can be adapted in confronting TNCs in different contexts.

The case studies include evaluations of campaign strategies which have developed in the context of an international campaign (e.g. PAN AP and pesticides (Malaysia); ERA and the infant-milk case (Malaysia), ones that have developed in the context of a broader national mass-based peopleís struggle (IBON Philippines) for economic and social justice, and those that have been fashioned out of necessity in relative isolation by indigenous peoples who had had no prior experience of confronting a TNC (Bougainville, Australia).

Table of Contents


Case studies:

PANís Campaign to Resist Agrochemical TNCs
Sarojeni V. Rengam

Workerís Rights vs Transnational Corporate Profits in Sri Lankaís Free Trade Zone
Kelly Dent, Coordinator, TIE- Asia

The Struggle for Bougainville: Indigenous Peoples Oust Global Mining Giant
Moses Havini, International Representative, Bougainville

Campaigning Against Oil TNCs in the Philippines
IBON Research Department, Philippines

Case Study on Baby Milk Campaign in Malaysia
Gunaseelan Thuraisamy, Education and Research Association for Consumers Malaysia (ERA Consumer Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


ISBN 971-0325-06-X

5.5 x 8.5 in., 154 pages

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