Asia Pacific Peoples Convention on Food Sovereignty

Antonio Tujan, Jr.

APRN 6th Annual Conference - November 25-28, 2004 - Dhaka, Bangladesh


In many countries, national and local laws are either being enacted to allow or heighten corporate access or ownership of land and other productive resources in food and agriculture. Local communities dependent on agriculture, fishing, forests and pasture lands for their livelihood are facing enormous difficulties as they have become subject to the global market.

But the resistance continues against the tremendous odds. People have started to organize and mobilize to defend their cultures, the ecosystem, and their lives. The struggle for food sovereignty is the struggle for the inalienable right of peoples, communities, individuals and countries to define, decide and implement their own policies in agriculture, labor, fishing, food and land that are ecologically sound, socially, economically, culturally appropriate to their unique circumstances.

The Asia Pacific Research Network moved forward the agenda for food sovereignty in its 6th Annual Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh in November 2004, where the People's Convention on Food Sovereignty was adopted and where the People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty was founded.

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