People and Planet Over Profits: Peoples Sovereignty Over Natural Resources

Antonio Tujan, Jr.

Edited by the Asia-Pacific Research Network


The unsustainable exploitation of natural resources and degradation has reached absolute levels in 1990s and has not eased. Our environmental crisis is not due simply to overpopulation, but more to overexploitation resulting from large-scale corporate extraction of natural resources way beyond sustainable levels. Greed for profits has long overtaken the pressures of burgeoning human populations on the environment, and bypassed concerns for environmental conservation and sustainability of development.

A genuinely sustainable, comprehensive response to the current environmental crisis lies around the issue of people's control over natural resources - its exploitation and conservation. But unlike the large-scale exploitation of natural resources which objectifies and alienates nature, the people's sovereignty over natural resources is the organic utilization by communities and societies of their own resources. This paradigm requires a shift away from the mass consumerism and extravagance promoted by globalization to sustainable ways and standards of living.

ISBN 971-0483-36-5

7.5 x 9.5 in., 320 pages

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