Jobs and Justice: Globalization, Labor Rights and Workers Resistance

Antonio Tujan, Jr.

APRN 7th Annual Conference - December 7-8, 2006 - Cebu City, Philippines


The neoliberal reforms prescribed under the post-Washington Consensus have increased profits through greater value-added, greater trade and investment,and higher productivity. But these labor market reforms are not generating new jobs; just more job insecurity. Nor are they resulting in higher incomes for the toiling masses, just greater poverty.

These reforms are giving rise to greater labor informalization, labor intensification, and dismantling the rights and entitlements of labor won over 200 years of workers' struggles - all for the benefit of global capital. But this intensifying exploitation of workers by global capital is also reinvigorating labor's resistance to neoliberal globalization.

 The APRN addressed these urgent and wide-ranging issues in its 7th  Annual Conference in Cebu, Philippines in December 2006, with the hopes of contributing to the process of strengthening workers solicarity - and attaining jobs and justice for all working people.

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