Trade Liberalization

Antonio Tujan, Jr.

APRN 7th Annual Conference - July 11-13, 2005 - Hong Kong, PRC


The issues of trade and investment liberalization as the core of the economic globalization process present the greatest challenges and threats to the rights and welfare of the people and the development of societies. It has been an overarching concern in the development of international networking among NGOs and social movements especially in the Asia Pacific since globalization has taken the forefront of economic issues in the world.

As WTO negotiations lead-up to Hong Kong for the 6th Ministerial Conference, the APRN addressed the most urgent and wide-ranging issues through its seventh annual conference in Hong Kong in July 2005 which tacked the broader theme of trade but is also a preparation for the Sixth Ministerial.

Table of Contents


Global and Regional Geopolitics of the Trade Negotiations Asia Overview
Antonio Tujan, Jr, IBON Foundation

APEC and Free Trade Agreements in the Asia Pacific
Jane Kelsey, ARENA

Australiaís Experience of the Bilateral Trade Strategies of the US and China
Jemma Bailey, AFTINET and Dr. Patricia Ranald, PIAC

On the Americas
Aziz Choudry, GATT-Watchdog

The Debt-Trade Connection in Debt Management Initiatives: Need for Paradigm Change
Aldo Caliari, Center of Concern

Who Gains from Trade and Investment in the Third World?
Jose Enrique Africa, IBON Foundation

As the TNCs Catch You: An Analysis of the Liberalization of Biological Products in the Thai-US FTA
Witoon Lianchamroon, FTA-Watch

Indonesia and Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTAs)
Alexander Chandra, The Institute for Global Justice (IGJ)

Country Reports

Chinaís Accession to WTO and Its Consequences for Working People
Au Loong Yu, Globalization Monitor

The Philippine Fiscal Crisis: A Case Against Further Trade Liberalization
Rosario Bella Guzman, IBON Foundation

Nepalís Accession to WTO: Possible Impact on Agriculture
Santosh Sigdel, LL.M., Nepal Policy Institute

Australia-Analysis of Trade Negotiations and Social Movement Concerns
Jemma Bailey, AFTINET

Fiji and Issues on Trade
Kevin J. Barr, ECREA


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