Outposts of Empire: The case against foreign military bases

Sarah Irving, Wilbert van der Zeijden, Oscar Reyes

Presented by the International Network for the Abolition of US Foreign Military Bases

[Transnational Institute]

The year is 2007 AD. The globe is entirely occupied by US soldiers... well not entirely! Hundreds of local, national and international campaigns are holding out against the global apparatus of foreign military bases.

Outposts of Empire tells of the everyday effects of foreign military bases at a local or national level: the displacement of people; the democratic deficit and loss of sovereignty that bases cause; their devastating economic, environmental and health impacts; and impunity about the crime that bases bring with them, including sexual violence. These analyses are accompanied by case studies that illustrate the problems of bases in Diego Garcia, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Panama, the Philippines and Turkey, as well as highlighting the remarkable efforts that people on the ground have made to struggle against them. An introductory essay sets out the broader history and changing geopolitics of the US military presence abroad, and introduces the emerging global network that aim to close these outposts of empire and send the troops home.



Loss of sovereignty: Turkey

Democratic Deficit: Philippines

Economic drain: Hawai’i

Displacement: Diego Garcia

Map: global US military involvement

Environmental impact: Panama

Health hazards: Guam

Crime and impunity: Korea

Sex crimes and prostitution: Okinawa

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