Financing Underdevelopment

Poverty and financing development

2nd Annual APRN Conference - August 21-23, 2000 - Jakarta, Indonesia

This book is a compilation of speeches and papers presented during the conference on Poverty and Financing Development organized by the Asia-Pacific Research Network from 21-23 August 2000 held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Includes 19 speeches covering the following topics: poverty, macro and micro finance, agriculture, migration, Japanese and Canadian ODA, financial crises in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines, financial liberalization in the Philippines, Pakistan and the world, labor and welfare reform in the People’s Republic of China, among others.

Table of Contents

 Keynote Address: Challenges on Financing Development
 Mr. Rizal Ramli

 Keynote Address: Challenges on Financing for Development
 Ms. Anh-Nga Tran-Nguyen

 Introduction to the Conference: Research and the Struggle Against Globalization
 Mr. Antonio Tujan, Jr.

 Poverty and Finance
 Dr. Michael Chai

 Rural Poverty and Agriculture
 Mr. Raha Mohan

 Migration, Poverty, and Micro Finance
 Mr. Ramon Bultron

 Devastation of Development by Micro-Credit: The Scenario of Bangladesh
 Ms. Farida Akhter

 Canada Overseas Development Assistance
 Ms. Joie Warnock

 Export Credit Agencies and Greenfield Investment
 Dr. James Goodman

 Japan Overseas Development Assistance: Aid or loan?
  Prof. Hisashi Nakamura

 Financial Crisis: Korean Experience
 Ms. Serapina Cha Mikyung

 Financial Crisis and Indonesian Debt
 Mr. Sugeng Bahagijo

 Financing Debt
 Ms. Rosario Bella Guzman

 Liberalization on Financial System: The Philippine Case
 Dr. Edberto Villegas

 Global Financial Architecture: Challenges and Alternatives
 Kavaljit Singh

 Overview of Current World Trade Organization Situation
 Cecille Oh

 The Agreement on Agriculture and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
 Mika Iba

 Issues Related to Current Agreement on Agriculture Review
 Ms. Biswajit Dhar

 Impact on Agreement on Agriculture on Philippine Agriculture
 Mr. Antonio Tujan Jr.

 Impact on Financial Liberalization and Debt Accumulation on Labour in Pakistan
 Kavaljit Singh

 Impact on China’s Current Trade Policy On Labor Rights and Welfare Reform in PRC
 Apo Leung and Stephen Frost


 Research Proposals from Workshop


ISBN 971-8707-64-6

8.5 x 11 in., 191 pages

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