IBON Manual on Facilitating Participatory Research

Published by IBON Foundation, Inc.

A project of the IBON Databank and Research Center that documents the process report and the training modules developed for two indigenous groups in Mindanao—the Subanen and Dibabawon.

IBON’s objective is to apply the principles of participatory research wherein the people in the localities where the research is being conducted are the principal actors in designing the research, implementing and evaluating the results. Social activists and consultants working with the members of the community only take a secondary role in the process of defining the research objectives, design and plan, conduct of the research and evaluating the results.

The ultimate objective however in developing the people’s research is to empower the poorest and the marginalized sectors of the society.

Table of Contents


Part 1 Processing Documentation Report
The Project had Five Objectives.
The Project had Four Phases
 Phase 1
 Phase 2
 Phase 3
 Phase 4

Part 2 Training Manual
The Training manual is divided into Four Main Parts
 PART 1 Basic Concepts
 PART 2 The Research Process and Design
 PART 3 Methodology
 PART 4  Analysis

Target Audience


I. The Basic Concept of Research
II. What is PR?
III. Getting Started
IV. The Research Process
V. Methodology
VI. The Research Design
VII. Quantitative Data Processing and Analysis
VIII. Qualitative Data Analysis
IX. Writing

Appendix: Participatory Research

Part 3 Research Report
The Impact of Globalization on Upland Communities: A Case Study of the Low Productivity of Three Subanen Communities in Mt. Paraya, Zamboanga del Sur

The Continuing Struggle for Ancestral Land
 In Saad
 In Dapiwak
 In Samonok
Appropriate Technologies for the Subanen: A Feasibility Study
The Impact of Globalization on the Production Systems on the Upland Communities: The Case of the Dibabawon
Feasibility Study on Socio-Economic Projects for the Dibabawon
Evaluation Report of the Dibabawon Case

ISBN 971-0325-26-4

8.5 x 11 in., 147 pages

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