IBON Philippines Profile


Published by IBON Foundation Inc.

A handy, comprehensive and alternative 17-volume reference material on the socio-economic resources of the country’s regions. The profiles cover the data on natural resources, people’s socio-economic status, production, and social and economic infrastructure presented with tables and graphs.

Table of Contents

Regional Summary Tables:
 Status of Land Classification
 Mineral Reserves
 Population Summary
 Population 15 Years Old and Over
 Distribution of Families by Income Class
 Number and Area of Farms by Crop
 Production and Area of Major Crops
 Inventory of Livestock and Poultry
 Number and Area of Farms by Tenure
 Equipment and Facilities
 Fish Production by Sector
 Aquaculture Production by Type of Culture
 Fishing Boats Used by Municipal Fishing
 Fishing Gear Used by Municipal Fishing
 Units and Area of Fishponds
 Fishponds by Type of Water
 Existing Mines and Quarries
 Overall Mineral Production
 Value of Output for Manufacturing Establishments
 Employment of Manufacturing Establishments
 Employment of Manufacturing Establishments
 Industries by Major Classification
 Number of LGU-registered Business Establishments
 Financial Institutions
 Non-Bank Financial Institutions
 Road Network
 Inventory of Bridges
 Inventory of Registered Vehicles
 Communications Indicators
 Water Supply Systems
 Status of Irrigation Development
 Status of Energization
 Housing Development
 Education Indicators
 Health Indicators
 Select Indicators of Living Conditions
Provincial Profiles
Natural Resources
1 Land
2 Soils
3 Mineral Resources
4 Water Resources
5 Forest Resources
Human Resources
1 Population
2 Labor Force
3 Income and Expenditure
1 Land Use by Crop
2 Volume and Value of Production
3 Land Tenure
4 Production Mechanization and Post-Harvest Facilities
1 Overall Production
2 Aquaculture
3 Production Mechanization
Mining and Quarrying
1 Mines and Quarries
2 Volume and Value of Production
Commercial Establishments
Credit and Finance
Infrastructure and Utilities
1 Transportation
2 Communications
3 Water Supply
4 Power Supply
5 Housing
6 Education
7 Health

8.25 x 10.75 in., approx. 200 pages/vol.
17 vols. with regional executive summary per volume

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